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This is a special discounted price! A cheap way to…
€838 per pcs€682 per pcs
Plastsarg Upgrade 6x12m
26 pcs developed by and adapted to NiceRink rim support. 1.2…
€2,229 per pcs€1,655 per pcs
Ice resurfacer package
€583 per pcs€487 per pcs
LED to 6x12 m ice sheet
LED ropes Get these awesome high quality COMMERCIAL GRADE LED Rope…
€274 per pcs€245 per pcs
Gametime Scoreboard
The GAMETIME Portable Electronic Scoreboard & Audio Player is designed…
€769 per pcs€584 per pcs
Junior goal
For In-Line Hockey, Ice, or Deck, driveway, street or pond…
€419 per pcs€360 per pcs
Mini mite goal
For In-Line Hockey, Ice, or Deck. Please compare, nobody does…
€384 per pcs€244 per pcs
Steel scraper
A 30", 8 Lb heavy duty scraper really gets down…
€127 per pcs